About Blothus

Blothus strives to be a source of guidance and inspiration on how we can live our lives as Asatrui and Norse Pagans in a modern context. The name, Blothus, is derived from the Old Norse word, blót-hús. A blót means “an offering for the gods” and hús means “a house”. Thus, blót-hús means “a house of worship”.

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We welcome everyone who wants to be a constructive and positive part of the community to connect and become a part of our shared community. We are an inclusive community with room for everyone. Your background, gender, sexuality, etc. is not a matter of the faith. We are a community of love and honesty. Your actions are valued.

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There are many communities, locally and globally, across the world. We always encourage people to find the communities that truly make you feel at home.